Part #: 1032-025

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  • Elevation Pattern: Referenced to +5dBic
  • Engineering Drawing: All dimensions are in inches

Product Overview

Southwest Antennas' Turbo Cloverleaf represents the world's smallest rugged circularly polarized cloverleaf-style antenna. Featuring an innovative proprietary design that is 3x smaller than existing solutions without affecting antenna gain or efficiency while maintaining excellent radiation pattern control over the entire operational frequency band. The unique design also offers over 40 dB of isolation between two co-located antennas with opposite CP polarizations, which is a significant improvement over two co-located vertical or opposite slant polarized antennas. The small size, rugged design, and high performance characteristics make the Turbo Cloverleaf ideal for military, law enforcement, unmanned vehicle, and commercial wireless market applications.

Part #1032-025 is a left hand circular polarized (LHCP) Omni cloverleaf antenna with 2.3 - 2.5 GHz frequency band coverage and 1.2 dBi gain. The antenna features a three inch flexible coaxial gooseneck with black chrome TNC(m) RF connector, allowing for a wide range of position and mounting options. Waterproof housing makes the antenna suitable for indoor or outdoor use in any climate.

  • 2.3 - 2.5 GHz Frequency Band Coverage
  • Left Hand Circular Polarization (LHCP)
  • 1.2 dBi Omni Radiation Pattern
  • Integrated 3.0" Length RF Coaxial Gooseneck
  • Black Chrome TNC(m) Non-Rotating RF Connector
  • Top of Radome Marking for Center Frequency & Polarization
  • Waterproof Design

Markets and Applications Include:

  • Military
  • Law Enforcement
  • Body Worn or Vehicle Mounted Tactical Radio Systems
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
  • Unmanned Ground Vehicles
  • Broadcast Video
  • Commercial Wireless Applications
  • MIMO Radio

Antenna Specifications

Parameter Value Units Tolerance
Antenna Pattern Omni Antenna
Frequency Band S
Impedance 50 Ohms
Minimum Frequency 2.3 / 2,300 GHz / MHz
Maximum Frequency 2.5 / 2,500 GHz / MHz
Frequency Bandwidth 0.2 / 200 GHz / MHz
Maximum VSWR 2.0:1 Ratio
Gain 1.20 dBic
Polarization LHCP
Horizontal (AZ) Beamwidth 360 Degrees
Vertical (EL) Beamwidth 92 Degrees
Antenna Labeling 2.4L (On Radome)
Color Black
Spring or Gooseneck Gooseneck
Gooseneck Length 3.090 / 78.486 inches / mm ±.09"
Gooseneck Diameter 0.370 / 9.398 inches / mm
RF Connector Type TNC(m) Non-Rotating
RF Connector Finish Black Chrome
Product Height 5.080 / 129.032 inches / mm ±.15"
Product Diameter 2.000 / 50.800 inches / mm ±.020"
Product Weight 2.00 / 56.70 oz / grams


Data Sheet (PDF )